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Major Blow for BJP Govt : SFI to file legal case against Govt for banning SFI’s book stall under Anti-National charges for selling ‘Gujarat Files’
TIWN Feb 19, 2018
Major Blow for BJP Govt : SFI to file legal case against Govt for banning SFI’s book stall under Anti-National charges for selling ‘Gujarat Files’
PHOTO : (1) Top, Left : SFI held press meet (2) Bottom, Left : BJP hooligans threatening Fair authority to close SFI's book stall, (3) Top, Right : SFI's book stall on first night, Down, Right : Gujarat Files book's cover pages.

AGARTALA, Feb 19 (TIWN): With a big blow for BJP Govt, inspiring the democratic minds, SFI has finally announced to file legal case against the BJP Govt for banning its book stall at Agartala Book Fair. Addressing media on Tuesday evening, an SFI leader said, “The book which has erupted the overall controversy is named “Gujarat-Files”. We want to ask, in which way “Gujarat Files” is an anti-national book ? It is not legally banned and another book is “Students Struggle” which is a registered book. So, those who are labeling us as anti-national, we challenge them these books are not against nation. The cause for closing our book-stall which they have shown in official letter is totally baseless and the allegations they brought that we are anti-national is totally lie. We never kept any such book in our stall which is against nation’s prestige. We told the fair authority, but what the authority said would shock you as they said no book against the Govt is allowed”.Talking for Chief Minister Biplab Deb who is holding ICAT Dept, the SFI leader said, writing against the Govt is a constitutional right and if this is the cause, why before the Book Fair, such things were not notified to the book sellers ?“No Govt circular was given which book we can sell, which book we can not. We are going to file a case against the Govt for its fascist, political treatment with students”, the SFI leader added.

“Instead of giving circulation, you have closed our stall in totally illegal manner. What kind of democracy is this, we want to ask the Chief Minister. What kind of good-governance is there by snatching freedom of writers, we want to know……….”, he added.

“The cause shown by Govt is totally illegal and we will prove in the court that these books are not anti-national books. This is crystal clear that the Govt has treated us under political influence. They wanted to close our stall anyhow and they are succeeded”.

“Book is the fear for fascists, because they want to create division among people. They want to rule like Hitler. Media, free thinkers are threat to them. If people read these books, then people will come to know about the history and that history only have exposed their real faces”, the SFI leader told media.

“They are afraid of SFI, they are afraid of books and knowledge. We have this official copy and will file case against this undemocratic move of the fascist Govt against us”, he added. 

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