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Screenshots of Facebook posts may be fake : Moral duty of citizens, cops increased
TIWN Feb 19, 2018
Screenshots of Facebook posts may be fake : Moral duty of citizens, cops increased

AGARTALA, Feb 19 (TIWN): Country’s democracy is under severe attack. It’s our moral duty to verify the account before believing screenshots to prove someone anti-national has increased further and nationwide same disturbances going on with various threats and arrested for facebook posts.

State Police and as well as each citizen------we must be united to fight back terrorism and communal politics through facebook.

It has come in notice that some screenshots are being made viral saying s/he has posted something odd against nation and then police and huge numbers of BJP supporters are coming and making the person more viral through facebook live.

Be careful before you trust the screenshot because nationwide same situation is hovering and similar disturbances are going on under a pre-plan attack on anti-BJP people ahead of Lok Sabha election.

We also suggest our readers to change your facebook account’s password time to time and be more secured and alert and not to judge any improper idea against anyone unless you see that in her/his account by your own eyes.

A facebook post by Tumpa Deb’s account was made viral where “Pakistan Zindabad” was posted and also slang languages were used for India, which is however never ever possible for a girl to utter. Later it was alleged, that her account was hacked and someone else has posted this.

Bengal Police have warned such disturbers after one Bengal BJP leader was caught by police for kidnapping own daughter to create Hindu-Muslim riot saying his daughter was kidnapped by Muslims.

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