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BJP's anti-social elements are hyper active in social media
TIWN Feb 19, 2018
BJP's anti-social elements are hyper active in social media

AGARTALA, Feb 19 (TIWN): Ahead of Lok Sabha election BJP’s social media activists are super-active to remind people about Modi’s patriotism and whenever any media is publishing any news about other issue than Kashmir, they are reminding to check border issues.

But in reality under Modi Govt, Kasmir situation has been worsened and this was the however one of the worst attacks.

TIWN has identified few of the elements, who are working under direction of BJP in social media. Complaints came, BJP social media hooligans also making fake profile of people and posting odd against nation, targetting the opposition. 

On the other side, a viral video across social media has been seen where Modi as Gujarat Chief Minister charging the then PM Manmohon Singh for lack of security in borders leading attacks in Kashmir, raising question on Modi Govt’s success and failure to secure the borders.

Also Modi Govt has been often accused as the only Govt who has tried to gain political advantage of the soldiers.


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