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JUMLA promise of 7 lakhs Jobs within 30 months turned biggest cheating : 11 months gone, 1 month remain, where are Biplab Deb’s 50000 Jobs promises in first 1 year ?
TIWN Feb 18, 2018
JUMLA promise of 7 lakhs Jobs within 30 months turned biggest cheating : 11 months gone, 1 month remain, where are Biplab Deb’s 50000 Jobs promises in first 1 year ?
PHOTO : Unemployed youths gathered before CM's quarter. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Feb 18 (TIWN): Shamelessly the ruling BJP is totally silent about recruiting 50,000 unemployed youths in Govt Depts which was promised by none other than Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. Congress national leader Bhupen Borah has slammed the BJP Govt for its fake promise to Tripura unemployed youths ahead of Lok Sabha Election. Borah said, “I was also in Tripura when BJP promised tall claims on unemployment issue, but today almost a year has gone, BJP’s house to house job promise has resulted in house to house cows”. Before the election, BJP shed crocodile-tears for unemployed youths, contractual employees, promising regularization of all contractual employees and 50000 vacant posts fulling up in first one year, but now BJP CM, Ministers are saying, jobs are not the solution of unemployment, better to provide loans for business or to buy cows.

Promising house-to-house jobs, 50000 Govt jobs in first 1 year empowered BJP in power, but after 11 months of passage, there is no sign of fulfilling BJP’s pre-poll promise, rather the Education Minister said, mitigating unemployment problems, Govt is ready to give loans but recruitment in Education Dept is not solution of unemployment. One after one, all recruitments were cancelled by the BJP Govt and now above 3000 teachers posts were put in abeyance. Now a days, Tripura youths have no other words except jobs and recruitments. Even where news are posted for Govt has compensated 2 lakhs to each martyr family, the netizens are leaving their comments begging jobs.

But, Chief Minister Biplab Deb already said that “Giving everyone job is not possible, but Govt’s work is to keep the hope alive and make positive attitude among youths”.

Also under Biplab Deb Govt for the first time in Tripura’s history unemployed youths were arrested, legal notices were sent against them after protest. In this condition unemployment rate has reached at 30.9% whereas in a brutal move, all ongoing recruitments were cancelled, regardless, Govt sectors and TPSC led interviews. Almost a year has been crossed amid nil-recruitment.

Even though few teachers were recruited but less in number in compare to other years, but permanently the hopes of recruitment has been banished through an official press release by the Finance Dept.

Education dept was showcaused by Finance Dept why recruitments were done. Over 8000 half done recruitments were cancelled after BJP Govt assumed in power and those posts were never reinitiated for fulfilling, whereas in BJP’s Vision Document published by Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, it was clearly said that once BJP will be in power, it will recruit 50,000 unemployed youths in various Govt Depts in the first year but almost 10 months have been gone, so far no recruitment was proceeded, rather 2018 left as a  year for Tripura’s 7 lakhs unemployed youths almost without recruitment.

With the increasing unemployment problem in Tripura, resentment, frustration have been spiked up among the jobless youths and resentment brewed among Govt job aspirants whose jobs were not only cancelled half-done but the future job opportunities were also snatched by Govt notification. 

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