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‘Marxism is the only option to get freedom, employment, equality', claims CPI-M
TIWN Feb 16, 2018
‘Marxism is the only option to get freedom, employment, equality', claims CPI-M
PHOTO : CPI-M organized discussion on Marxism. TIWN Pic Feb 16

AGARTALA, Feb 16 (TIWN): Marxist economist and political commentator Prabhat Patnaik on Saturday has lectured on the importance of Marxism and Karl Marx’s economic theories, claiming capitalism increases unemployment problems always and exactly that is happening in our state. CPI-M has organized the conference to put a stress on the importance of Communist or Marxist in India’s economic development right now. The programme was conducted at Rabindra Bhawan in the presence of former Chief Minister of Tripura Manik Sarkar and other top CPI-M leaders as Tapan Chakraborty, Gautam Das, Bijan Dhar, Aghore Debbarma. Addressing in the conference, Prabhat Patnaik said, “Capitalism even though an exploratory but nobody can create capitalism system for others. It is a self driven system and you have to overthrow this system from your mind. There is no freedom in capitalism and neither the capitalist himself is free. Capitalism is controlled by capitalists tendency inside a person. Thus if you are serious about freedom, if you are serious about overcoming poverty, if you are overcoming unemployment, then you have to chose Marxism”.He further blamed the technology’s introduction in each sector for increasing unemployment.

 “Marxism will be existing as far as capitalism is there. Marxism is blamed as orthodox, but it is not true. Whenever, people’s freedom was needed Marxism again and again has been relevant”, said Patnaik.

“In this new liberal era, as much as growth rate has increased, poverty rate has also hugely increased. Unemployment has increased”, he added.

“Exactly our country’s growth rate is increasing but when growth is increasing, poverty rate has been hugely decreasing. In 1993, 58% people were below poverty line, whereas now it’s 68%. Thus in this condition when crisis and poverty is increasing, the relevancy of communism comes”, he said.

“If 7% GDP is raised, why employment is not increasing ? Because before the neo-liberalization the wealth was equally distributed. Now the unemployment rates are spiking up massively”, Patnaik added.

The Marxist leader also demanded that the minimum wage should be increased from Rs. 300 to Rs. 500. 

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