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JUMLA Era’s Narcotics Smuggling destroying Tripura Youths : Drug Addiction spiked 10% in 2018 under Biplab-Pratima ‘model’ state : Tripura’s Jobless, Hopeless situation, Tripura tops in Tobacco consumption
TIWN Feb 8, 2019
JUMLA Era’s Narcotics Smuggling destroying Tripura Youths : Drug Addiction spiked 10% in 2018 under Biplab-Pratima ‘model’ state : Tripura’s Jobless, Hopeless situation, Tripura tops in Tobacco consumption
PHOTO : Tripura tops in drug consumption under Biplab-Pratima regime.

AGARTALA, Feb 8 (TIWN): In a dangerous trend since 11 months under Biplab Deb, Tripura’s drug use among youths spiked up at alarming rate as BJP General Secretary Pratima Bhowmik type Politicians running Drug Smuggling Cartels which destroying lives of many educated unemployed youths. Truth never can be suppressed by thousands of lies and narcotic report of Tripura has once again exposed, misruling of BJP led by defeated candidate General Secretary Pratima Bhowmik. Tripura not only tops in narcotic consumption in the whole country according to national data, but also the narcotic consumption has increased 10% in 2018 than 2017. Govt data has revealed, ‘Even though countrywide consumption of tobacco has been decreased by 10%, but in case of Tripura it has been increased. Moreover now 55% death causes in Tripura are due to tobacco consumption. Due to unemployment rate’s increase however such illegal activities are on spike'. At the same time, poverty gripped Tripura is experiencing dog-smuggling like illegal activities.

Amid Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s so called ‘Nesh-Mukt-Tripura’ slogan, brown sugar, ganja smuggling have turned more rampant. Till now police couldn’t answer about the destruction of seized drug items in Tripura.

It’s quite surprising when BJP Govt is claiming a Govt against Drug empire and arrested around 500 people in drug mafia, but till now police couldn’t end the mafia regime fully, whereas if investigation was proper then the narcotic den could be unrooted as the Govt has ruled over 10 months, raising question why drug empire has increased rather than decreasing.

Recently, BJP leaders came in verbal hate exchanges in same argument over drug smuggling centering border areas.

The allegation was brought by MLA Surajit Datta after he was allegedly attacked by Pratima Bhowmik’s smuggling gang. Also the MLA has called for 24 hours strike at Ramnagar. A massive clash occurred at Ramnagar area today between BJP’s two groups : one group was headed by Pratima Bhowmik’s narcotic smuggling agents like Tapas who earlier was facilitated with Northeast Youth Festival projects even without tender and another was Surajit Datta’s group. The miscreants of Pratima Bhowmik allegedly attacked Surajit Datta’s house on yesterday after he warned the smugglers not to collect “hafta” from the vehicles entering from the borders. Even Tripura could not come out of Jirania violence that Section 144 was imposed at Agartala Ramanagar area. Addressing media, regarding the clash, Surajit Datta said, “Tapas Ghosh, owner of Sukh Santi Mistanno Bhandar is involved in phensedyl business. He is under shelter of BJP General Secretary Pratima Bhowmik and Mandal President Samarendra Deb.

On October 3, a massive clash among BJP's mafia gangs, Hafta colections have led heavy chaos in Akhaura Checkpost in Ram Nagar area afternoon led a huge numbers of police to rush to the spot and lathi charge.  The fight happened among same party activists after BJP Mandal and another BJP group (closed to BJP MLA Surajit Datta) chased each other centering the business of 'export-import. The matter turned so worse that West Agartala Police had to rush to the spot and took control in the worsening situation and arrested 5 mafias of BJP.

In such a similar episode,  in Melaghar Cosmopolitan Club 2,040 kg ganja was recovered on December 3, whereas the market price of them is above 1 crore. Reports said that those ganjas belong to BJP leader East Chandigarh Village Panchayat Pradhan Jhantu Barman and one Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Uttam Chakraborty and Mohonbhog Panchayat Samiti member Rohini Barman. Questions has been raised if this is the outcome of Tripura Govt’s ‘Nesha-Mukt’ Tripura aim, where top BJP leaders are found engaged in illegal activities centering narcotic business.

In last 10 months many BJP leaders were arrested in drug-smuggling. Drug smuggling is jumping high with huge unemployment problem which has left Tripura with 30.9% unemployment rate. 

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