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BJP’s Attack on Manik Sarkar again ! ‘Tripura is not BJP’s property, Nationwide Rejection’s frustration gripped BJP’, says Manik Sarkar
TIWN Jan 29, 2019
BJP’s Attack on Manik Sarkar again ! ‘Tripura is not BJP’s property, Nationwide Rejection’s frustration gripped BJP’, says Manik Sarkar
PHOTO : Manik Sarkar was attacked by BJP at Ambasa. TIWN Pic Jan 29

AGARTALA / AMBASA, Jan 29 (TIWN): For the 3rd time, 20 years long former Chief Minister Manik Sarkar faced physical attack by ruling BJP in Tripura. After Gandacherra, Bishalgrah this time the attack took place at Ambasa. In a violent attack, while visiting Amabasa, few BJP miscreants attacked heavily on his vehicle, but police have managed the situation immediately. Addressing media as his immediate reaction, Manik Sarkar slamming BJP led misruling said, “Their aim was to stop us. They have only one say that we can’t go there. Now our question is why can’t we go ? They have to show the reason for stopping us. Just like in the voter list a person’s name is kept or not it’s visible, so the reason behind stopping us should be clarified. Also same thing was done at Kamalpur. They are trying to suppress the opposition’s voice being afraid of mass-rejection”. “Tripura is not anybody’s personal property. It’s one’s fundamental right to visit anywhere. Actually across the nation BJP has been rejected by people and now out of fear all such activities are being sponsored by the party. This is not their power but their weakness”, said Manik Sarkar.

Many opposition leaders including CPI-M General Secretary Gautam Das, Ex-Minister Bhanulal Saha, MP Jitendra Chaudhury, Congress State President Birjit Sinha were attacked. Since March 3rd, the result day of Assembly Election sever attacks took place house to house, brutal murders took place and recently held police firing jolted the state with 6 youths left injured at Jirania when they were protesting against Citizenship Bill.

Manik Sarkar further said, “BJP is failed to fulfil a single promise, which is making them afraid of the upcoming election”.

“Earlier, in case of social pension Central Govt gave 200 rupees and we, the State Govt added 500 rupees with that and total 700 rupees of social pension were given in our time. Total numbers of beneficiaries were around 4 lakhs 22 thousand. Govt (the then CPI-M Govt) planned to increase the pensioners’ numbers. The social pension had started since ex-CM late Nripen Chakraborty’s time Rs. 50 rupees. So, 700 rupees is also very minimum, but we gave them just as an honour. But now the Govt has stopped pensions for many beneficiaries with various excuses. Also their pre-poll promise on 2000 rupees of social pension has become a dream”, said Sarkar.

“Now, people are resented due to stopping of pension, lack of MGNREGA works and now people dying without food. Starvation on peak”, Sarkar added by mentioning BJP leading inhuman attack on public by snatching bread and butter.

This is not the first ever attack on opposition, but local media persons informed that whenever any opposition party member, leader visited here, the BJP held massive attack or had shown ‘black flag’ with ‘go back’ slogan.

Talking about Vision Document of the BJP, Manik Sarkar said, it’s media duty to raise question how within 10 months 50% Vision Document the Chief Minister has claimed as completed ? And which parts are competed, he should clarify. 

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