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BJP, IPFT’s alliance itself is Sensitive : Birjit Sinha
TIWN Jan 25, 2019
BJP, IPFT’s alliance itself is Sensitive : Birjit Sinha
PHOTO : Birjit Sinha addressing media at Agartala Congress HQ. TIWN Pic Jan 25

AGARTALA, Jan 25 (TIWN): Congress President Birjit Sinha on Friday has marked BJP,IPFT’s friendship itself is ‘sensitive’ as IPFT on the one side in demand of separate state only for a particular community and on the other side BJP is doing politics in one religion’s name.

Birjit Sinha said, across the country BJP’s misruling with religious issue has suffocating the lives of common men.

“BJP’s ideology is just the opposite of Indian constitution. India is a democratic country and secular by nature. Without secularism, India’s map would be changed. In Tripura also BJP is just playing with the fire and IPFT is as same as BJP in a different ideology. So, their friendship itself is much sensitive”, Birjit Sinha said at State Congress Headquarter while addressing in a joining programme.

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