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Recruitment of 10 IT (RSS, BJP workers of Media Cell) persons illegally at Secretariat : CPI-M to launch protest
TIWN Jan 23, 2019
Recruitment of 10 IT (RSS, BJP workers of Media Cell) persons illegally at Secretariat : CPI-M to launch protest
PHOTO : Chief Minister Biplab Deb. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Jan 23 (TIWN): CPI-M has announced to go in massive protest against the recruitment 10 IT person at Secretariat illegally. Ganamukti Parishad leaders led by MP Jitendra Chaudhury, ADC CEM Radhacharan Debbarma, Ex-Forest Minister Naresh Jamatia have announced this through a press conference at Melarmath CPI-M party office. That recruitment was done without any interview violating the reservation system. The protest however will be launched with various demands related to ADC and unemployment problems, CPI-M to launch protest from January 27 to February 5. The demands raised by Tripura Left Front Committee are : To clear the huge amounts of pending allocations, More power to ADC, deprivation for social pensions, MGNREGA 200 days works with Rs. 340 wage, Recruitment of 10 IT persons illegally in Chief Minister’s Dept.The controversy erupted after 10 youths were recruited in Secretariat under Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s recommendation.

The 10 persons who were recruited as IT persons are : 1) Sonali Acharjee, 2) Anupam Paul, 3) Satyabrata Sharma, 4) Ashim Kumar Das, 5) Rakesh Dey, 6) Bulti Das, 7) Saptadip Majumder, 8) Chandan Debnath, 9) Sanat Debnath, 10) Tanmoy Dey. All of them worked for BJP in the Assembly Election and allegedly Biplab Deb is using the IT persons for political gains and fraud-activities. 

Tripura’s unemployment percentage is now 28.8%, highest in whole country which was in March-2018 only 15%. Before election, through written form, laid in Vision Document, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley promised that 50,000 vacant posts will be filled up in the first year of BJP’s Vision Document. Not only this, the Vision Document itself was BJP’s -year target as Vision Document was titled as “Tripura Vision Document 2018”, whereas 2019 has been started.

On January 19, CPI-M MP Jitendra Chaudhury has slammed ruing BJP for recruiting 10 IT persons without any interview and violating reservation system. The MP further has demanded re-recruitment of 10 employees though proper recruitment system under transparent policy. Addressing media, MP Jitendra Chaudhury said, “I heard that Chief Minister now a days telling all that people no more come to him for jobs to mean that everything is transparent under his govt. However when no recruitment is there, no question of transparency comes.

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