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CPI-M MP hammers ‘Spectacle wearing BJP Minister’ as ‘Gobu Chandra Minister’ of ‘King Habu Chandra’
TIWN Jan 23, 2019
CPI-M MP hammers ‘Spectacle wearing BJP Minister’ as ‘Gobu Chandra Minister’ of ‘King Habu Chandra’
PHOTO : TIWN File Photo : Chief Minister Biplab Deb with Law Minister Ratanlal Nath.

AGARTALA, Jan 23 (TIWN): Referring a Bengali folklore, Tripura CPI-M MP Jitendra Chaudhury reacting over the blocking of social pension to previous beneficiaries indirectly without mentioning name hit Law Minister Ratanlal Nath for his data errors.

Jitendra Chadhury said, “Social Welfare Minister is saying Rs. 56,000, then the King Hobu Chnadra’s Gobu Chandra Minister who often pushes his spectacle on nose saying something else and Chief Minister saying something else regarding the eligibility of BPL. But point is every govt makes policies and scheme. Till 1 lakh of income the social pension was allowed by CPI-M Govt. But without any investigation, without modifying the previous rules around 50,000 pension holders’ names were cut from the beneficiary list, it’s unacceptable”.

“At Central PM Modi announced that upto Rs. 8 lakhs of annual income, families will be considered as BPL families. But here in Tripura Biplab Deb Govt and his Ministers are now saying Rs. 72,000 annual income holders can’t get social pension and this is exactly called Jumla and that’s why the party is called Bharatiya-Jumla-Party”, MP Jitendra Chaudhury added.

That’s why MP Jitendra Chadhury has hit both Chief Minister Biplab Deb and Law Minister Ratanlal Nath comparing the CM and Minister a pair of ‘Gobu Chandra Minister’ of ‘King Habu Chandra’. 

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