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MP Jiten slams BJP backed 'Hindu-Jagaran-Macha' as ‘destroyer’ of Hindu Religion
TIWN Jan 23, 2019
MP Jiten slams BJP backed 'Hindu-Jagaran-Macha' as ‘destroyer’ of Hindu Religion
PHOTO : TIWN File Photo : MP Jitendra Chaudhury.

AGARTALA, Jan 23 (TIWN): In the name of savior of Hindu religion, BJP under banner of ‘Hindu Jagaran Mancha’ is destroying Hindu religion, such has been alleged by CPI-M MP Jitendra Chaudhury reacting over an alleged forceful conversion of around 100 people from Christians into Hindu.

Hindu Jagaran Mancha activists are anti-social people and allegedly engaged paid attacks on people on behalf of BJP. Slamming the leadership, accusing Govt forcing administration and filing fabricated cases against people of Christians they are forcing them to be part of Ghar Bapsi.

On behalf of Gana Mukti Parishad (CPI-M’s tribal wing) condemned the incident charging BJP for attempting to convert Tripura into second UP and Rajasthan.

“India is secular country and people have right to chose own religion and if they don’t want to be in any religion, they it’s also their right to be non-religion”, said Chaudhury.

It has been known that the poor people were forced by fabricated cases against them to convert into Hindus.

Just before 3 days, another tension erupted in Tripura after Muslim children were feed with pork in Govt programme. 

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