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Petrol, Diesel prices fueling up everyday, resentment grips common men
TIWN Jan 22, 2019
Petrol, Diesel prices fueling up everyday, resentment grips common men
PHOTO : A biker buying petrol in a petrol pump at Agartala. TIWN Pic Jan 22

AGARTALA, Jan 22 (TIWN): There is no relief from increasing petrol price and the prices are spiking up each day. On Tuesday in Agartala Petrol price was recorded with Rs. 71.26 with a jump of 13 paisa than yesterday and diesel prices raised at Rs. 67.36 with 19 paisa increased than Monday. At the same time passengers are again in much trouble as buses are forcing more charges illegally in many places. At the national level the prices are more violating. Petrol prices rose for the sixth straight session while diesel edged up for the 13th consecutive day on Tuesday. Petrol and diesel rates were at Rs 76.90 a litre and Rs 69.01 per litre, respectively in Mumbai.According to the Indian Oil Corp data, petrol prices in New Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai were at Rs 71.27 per litre, Rs 73.36 per litre and Rs 73.99 per litre, respectively, while diesel stood at Rs 65.90 a litre in New Delhi, Rs 67.68 a litre in Kolkata and Rs 69.62 a litre in Chennai. Transport fuel rates were hiked sharply on Sunday as global crude oil rates continued to climb handsomely following the implementation of output cuts by global oil producers from January 1.Mirroring the rise, state-run oil marketing companies increased petrol rates by 23 paise per litre while diesel prices went up by 29-31 paise across the four major metros.

Petrol and diesel prices have increased by more than Rs 2 per litre each in January.

As per the country's dynamic pricing mechanism, the domestic fuel prices depend upon international fuel prices on a 15-day average and the value of the rupee.

Retail pump price is calculated after adding central excise duty, dealers commission and value-added tax (VAT) to the base price.

When petrol, diesel prices are on spike, recently Tripura BJP led State Govt has once again imposed VAT on the fuel leading again hike. The BJP led State Govt has hiked the taxes / cess on fuel on the last 10 months of Govt formation.Petrol price has been increased at Rs. 3.20 whereas diesel price was increased more Rs. 3.29. At the same time 1 rupees cess was imposed on the fuel in addition.It will cause Rs. 33 crores of income for the state govt, whereas to lead more burden for the common men as raising of fuel price directly linked with raising commodity prices. 

Now state Govt will earn Rs. 33 cores, but common men has to bear it because Modi yet to fund Tripura which it promised before the Election. Earlier, Congress earlier alleged, Modi Govt looted 11 lakhs crores by taxing fuel since 2014. 

Along with petrol price hikes, Airway passengers are in heavy suffer due to increasing flight fare hikes.

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