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Another jolt from BJP Govt on Statehood Day ! ‘Govt Hospitals to be Privatized, Companies to arrive in Tripura soon’, announced Biplab Deb
TIWN Jan 21, 2019
Another jolt from BJP Govt on Statehood Day ! ‘Govt Hospitals to be Privatized, Companies to arrive in Tripura soon’, announced Biplab Deb
PHOTO : Biplab Deb addressing in Statehood Day. TIWN Pic Jan 21

AGARTALA, Jan 21 (TIWN): With the worst outcome of BJP Govt in Tripura, finally common men have been targeted at the Health Service with private companies' interference raised tension on medical bill in Govt hospital in coming days. When PM Modi had promised a HIRA for Tripura now Biplab Deb led State Govt is going to collect profit from common men and to allow patients to die without treatment. Announcing about Ayushman Bharat Health Scheme and free Health Service to beneficiaries, Chief Minister Biplab Deb while addressing in Statehood Day at Agartala said that to develop hospital services in Tripura, the Health Service will be handed-over to private companies under PPP model with the State Govt. Biplab Deb also announced that State Govt has sent the proposal also to Centre for that. Already Tripura Govt with a brutal move has removed free medical service in cancer hospital. If any patient party does not have Ayushman Bharat card in hand, they have buy each medicine which is costing over 10000 to 2000 a day. Many patients are dying without treatment due to that.

Moreover, medicines and other things are not free for common men in Tripura Govt hospitals till day, which is leading crisis situation even for Govt job holder families. 

In this situation privatization of Health Service has been another part of the ongoing ‘Saddam era’. A Govt which can not provide free health service to its people and also designs profit from Govt Hospitals, Shame on that Govt !

Biplab Deb also said, ICU service has been made free for poor, but the reality is critical patient like Late Shukhu Gour didn’t get ICU and out of infection fear doctors released that patient at home and he died.    Biplab Deb's speech on Statehood Day

Biplab Deb said, “Private companies will come in Tripura soon and will make deals with the Govt, so that Health Service can be developed”.

He also added that from Bangladesh 85000 patients per month go to other states for treatment but then they will come in Tripura.

The ground report says that in Tripura District Hospitals conditions are yet pathetic recently two cases came in TIWN observation that one appendix patient and a brain stroke patient were kept in Gomati District hospital only with saline for many days and never the patient party came to know about the actual disease unless they shifted them to private hospitals.

The effects of privatization of hospitals is a disaster indeed proving Govt’s lack of capacity and mentality. ‘Firstly, unless regulated or without universal health insurance private sector facilities are affordable by only a fraction of the people - so Affordability is a big issue. Also these are for-profit institutions which have revenue targets and business plans on return on investment - so ubiquitous private healthcare would in my guess will not be a viable option at least in the current scenario - so Reach is also an issue’, quoted from experts.

But on the Statehood day the announcement of privatization of hospital has clearly show Govt’s intention of looting public money and snatching people’s right to live.



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