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Petrol, Diesel prices continue to hike, Petrol Price in Agartala Rs. 70.54 Diesel Rs. 66.38 on Friday
TIWN Jan 18, 2019
Petrol, Diesel prices continue to hike, Petrol Price in Agartala Rs. 70.54 Diesel Rs. 66.38 on Friday
PHOTO : Bikers buying petrol at Agartala Petrol pump. TIWN Pic Jan 18

AGARTALA, Jan 18 (TIWN): Petrol, diesel prices are raising everyday in Tripura, fueled by the VAT and Cess imposed by the BJP led State Govt. The checked prices on Tuesday in Agartala were recorded with Rs. 70.54 of petrol price whereas the Diesel Price is Rs. 66.38. When petrol, diesel prices are on spike, recently Tripura BJP led State Govt has once again imposed VAT on the fuel leading again hike. On yesterday the petrol price was Rs. 70.46 whereas today it raised at Rs. 70.54. Diesel was increased from Rs.66.22 to Rs. 66.38. This is the 3rd time that the BJP led State Govt has hiked the taxes / cess on fuel on the last 10 months of Govt formation.Petrol price has been increased at Rs. 3.20 whereas diesel price was increased more Rs. 3.29. At the same time 1 rupees cess was imposed on the fuel in addition.It will cause Rs. 33 crores of income for the state govt, whereas to lead more burden for the common men as raising of fuel price directly linked with raising commodity prices. Now state Govt will earn Rs. 33 cores, but common men has to bear it because Modi yet to fund Tripura which it promised before the Election. Earlier, Congress earlier alleged, Modi Govt looted 11 lakhs crores by taxing fuel since 2014. Along with petrol price hikes, Airway passengers are in heavy suffer due to increasing flight fare hikes.

At the national level also fuel price has hiked a lot. etrol and diesel prices were hiked on Friday (January 18) as global crude oil prices cross $61 per barrel for the first time in 2019. Petrol price has been hiked by Rs 8 paise while diesel rates have gone up by 19-20 paise across the country.

In Delhi, petrol price is slowly inching towards the Rs 71 per litre mark while a litre of diesel will almost cost Rs 65 per litre in the national capital.

Commuters in Mumbai have to pay Rs 76.18 for a litre of petrol after a 7 paise increase over yesterday’s rate; diesel price in the financial capital has crossed Rs 68 after the fresh increase.

Petrol prices have also gone up in other cities including Kolkata (Rs 72.66/litre), Chennai (Rs 73.23/litre), Gurugram (Rs 71.24/litre), Noida (Rs 70.27/litre), Bengaluru (Rs 72.80/litre) and Hyderabad (Rs 74.84/litre).

With the fresh hike in petrol rates, there are only two cities Bhubaneshwar (Rs 69.43/litre) and Chandigarh (Rs 66.72/litre) left where prices have not crossed Rs 70 per litre.

Diesel prices were retailing at Rs 64.97 per litre in the national capital while it went up to Rs 68.02 per litre in Mumbai.

Diesel rate is currently the highest in the city of Hyderabad (Rs 70.62/litre) while Bhubaneshwar (Rs 69.52/litre), Patna (Rs 68.28/litre) and Trivandrum (Rs 69.96/litre) are closely following suit.

Strengthening of global crude oil rates coupled with a fresh dip in rupee’s value against the dollar has resulted in daily hikes since January 7. Since the starting of the month, petrol prices across the country have gone up by almost Rs 1.82 per litre while diesel has gone up by more than Rs 2 per litre.

Global crude oil prices have been firming up as Saudi Arabia and Russia suggested that they were on track to cut oil production.

The oil market has significantly picked up pace since dipping almost 40 per cent in 2018. Crude oil prices, however, continue to be at least 30 per cent lower than the levels witnessed in October last year.

However, one of the major worries for the government is the rupee’s fall over the last four days, resulting in subsequent hikes in fuel prices. The rupee has declined over 2 per cent against the US dollar in the first 18 days of 2019.

A sharp hike in fuel prices was observed in India for a couple of months till October 4 when both petrol and diesel values reached their peak levels.

Petrol price had touched Rs 84 per litre in Delhi and it was recorded above Rs 91 in Mumbai. Diesel price, on the other hand, crossed Rs 80 per litre in the financial capital while it crossed Rs 75 per litre in Delhi.

With the oil market expected to firm up further in 2019 along with a fresh dip in rupee’s value, fuel prices may witness another sharp rise in the future.

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