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‘Politicians are dividing us, People of Tripura need to be united’ : Pradyot Manikya
TIWN Jan 18, 2019
‘Politicians are dividing us, People of Tripura need to be united’ : Pradyot Manikya
PHOTO : Pradyot Manikya.

AGARTALA, Jan 18 (TIWN): Giving a blow to IPFT-BJP’s divide and rule policy, Tripura Manikya Dynasty inheritor called as Bubagra / Maharaja, also an eminent Congress leader Pradyut Manikya in a guardian tone for 37 lakh people of Tripura, being asked by media, whether 'Tiprasa should be united' ?, he replied, “Indeed people of Tipura regardless community should united. Politicians are dividing us before election and we should get together against this divide and rule policy”.

“Before the election, they are playing with vote banks but election will be over tomorrow. Then you and me regardless Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Bengalis, Manipuris, Tiprassa all have to stay together. For vote the politicians divide the society and who is benefiting from this ? For votes you (Politicians) want to divide society and then you come and tell the people that one community has done this. This is the clear plot to polarize the situation before the election”, he said.

(On 8th January the BJP-IPFT led Govt ordered firing on Tiprasa people who were agitating against the Citizenship Bill. Also ruling party BJP burnt houses, properties with intention to create communal violence)

Manikya further slapping the BJP-IPFT Govt has come forward against the Govt led delay of giving compensation to the Jirania victims and announced compensation from “own pocket”. Visiting Jirania Police firing incident and meeting the people at there, Pradyot Manikya said, “I am not beggar to demand from the Govt. I have come to give. I will rebuild the destroyed shops and public properties”.

He also added, “I am not here to demand compensation. I am not a beggar. I will raise demand against Citizenship Bill in court but here I am to give people. I will rebuild everything destroyed by them (BJP-IPFT led dirty political activists)”.

He further criticized the State Govt and also BJP led Central Govt for attacking media.

“Media is the fourth pillar of Democracy. Whoever speaks against media threat them, harass them. What’s going on ?? They are trying to close media houses as they are afraid to exposed”, said Pradyot Manikya. 

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