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9 days after Jirania Violence, Tripura Police’s brutal firing : Who ordered firing against innocent Citizenship Bill agitators yet to be known
TIWN Jan 17, 2019
9 days after Jirania Violence, Tripura Police’s brutal firing : Who ordered firing against innocent Citizenship Bill agitators yet to be known
PHOTO : Police brutal firing injured many at Jirania. TIWN Pic Jan 8

AGARTALA / JIRANIA, Jan 16 (TIWN): SP West Ajit Pratap Singh led ordering of brutal Police firing on innocents remained a dark day for democracy. 9 days passed after police led brutal violence had injured 6 BJP activists at Jirania but who ordered the firing it was yet to be informed by State Govt. However, earlier Govt sought 1 month time for completing the Magisterial investigation, whereas all opposition parties demanded Judicial investigation. Now it felt that saviour of people, known as police, turned gradually mafia in BJP-IPFT era polluting the administration under Biplab Deb Govt, charged by the alleged de-facto Home Minister Pratima Bhowmik with criminal background. Each and every political party in Tripura, outside Tripura except BJP have demanded for Judicial investigation under a High Court judge. Police’s arrogance was alleged not by regional parties, but also he has been rude with opposition leaders including MPs of Tripura. SP West Ajit Pratap Singh’s illegal brutal order of firing had hit the NESO agitators from behind, proving that police were running after the agitators.

In democracy helpless people who were staging protests for their rights were brutally injured just because the protest was against ruling Govt. Police also didn’t take any action against BJP miscreants who had burnt houses of people and violated the whole situation by unnecessary entering in Jirania with BJP flag from outside. On the same day, at Agartala during CPI-M’s strike, Pratima Bhowmik, Rajib Bhattacharjee and other BJP activists in mafia style forced shops, shopping complexes, super markets like Big Bazar, Metro Bazar to open shutters and the same was tried to apply at Jirania, but police acted against the innocents Tiprasa agitators instead of the ruling party members.

On January 14, Ex-Chief Minister Manik Sarkar raised question if police had shot the agitators in self defence then why they were injured from the backside, not on the chest ?

“A common sense says that the firing was done with attacking mode, either police were running after them and the firing could have been avoided”, said Manik Sarkar while addressing media at Jirania. Manik Sarkar has visited Madhabbari violence incident on Monday as well as met the police firing victims’ family members. ADC CEM Radhacharan Debbarma, Ex-Minister Tapan Chakraborty, Ratan Bhowmik, leader Pabitra Kar, MP Shankar Prasad Datta also made visits along with the former Chief Minister.

But what surprised people is that till day Chief Minister Biplab Deb who is also the Home Minister didn’t visit Madhabbari, neither met the victims. Moreover, even after all non-BJP parties demand of Judicial investigation in the police firing incident, Govt didn’t order Judicial investigation, rather Govt had shutdown internet connectivity for long 4 days. 

On the day of the incident almost all the political parties leaders had met the GB hospital victims except Tripura Home Minister cum Chief Minister Biplab Deb.INPT, IPFT, IPFT(Tipraha), CPI-M all leaders have rushed to GB hospital after brutal attack on Tipura youths at Jirania police firing incident, but after ordering firing on innocents, Biplab Deb didn’t pay any visit at there.

Chief Minister is using 20 vehicle convoy, with ambulance service whereas his police led by SP West Ajit Pratap Singh have conducted the unannounced firing.All the people of Tiprasa regardless political identity have demanded suspension of SP West and resignation of Chief Minister Biplab Deb.

Surprisingly Chief Minister Biplab Deb in his facebook page even though posted his Pilak visit, celebrating some family event but never condemned the brutal attack on the tribal innocent youths.

Moreover, Police Dept have registered cases against 500 Tiprasa youths in Ranir Bazar and Jirania police stations, who are members of INPT and TSF in Jirania’s Madhabbari police firing incident. Against TSF Secretary Bishu Debbarma, President Upendra Debbarma, leader Sunil Debbarma and around 500 TSF students the case was registered. Case No-4/19 under IPC 148/149 / 333/ 153/ 307/ 436 427 is under investigation. But till now, which police officials were involved in this firing on students, no clarification yet has come in this regard, whereas there are demand from regional parties for suspension of SP West AJit Pratapa Singh who led the whole firing episode without announcement. NESO, IPFT Tipraha calling press conference has condemned the whole episode and almost all pollical parties have condemned the overall incident including looting of shops, setting fire on houses whereas police firing was on the top list of condemnation.  There was also a charge additionally imposed National Highway Act & Arms Act 27.

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