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‘Khumpui’ channel journalist attacked, beaten by BJP
TIWN Jan 16, 2019
‘Khumpui’ channel journalist attacked, beaten by BJP

AGARTALA, Jan 16 (TIWN): Attacks upon press and media persons have been continuing in BJP era and now the target was one Kokborok language base local TV channel's young journalist after he raised public issues in his “Khumpui”, channel, which went against the BJP-IPFT Govt’s buttering propaganda.

The journalist has been identified as Prasenjit Tripura. He was beaten by BJP miscreants at Belonia.

The miscreants are BJP-mandal workers of Nivendranagar in Belonia. Not only this, after beating Prasenjit, the BJP goons threatened the villagers to make fabricated allegations against Prasenjit.

The news was against local BJP leader Kanu Debnath who cheated villagers and after taking many rubber gardens from the villagers, now not giving the deserve amount to the journalist.

After that Prasenjit was invited to cover a programme and then beaten him heavily. Local people have however, exposed BJP’s intrigue and stood beside the journalist. Villagers also saved Prasenjit from the attacks.

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