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Srinagar Border haat locked by Bangladeshi businessmen
TIWN Jan 16, 2019
Srinagar Border haat locked by Bangladeshi businessmen
PHOTO : TIWN File Photo of Tripura Border haat.

SRINAGAR, Jan 16 (TIWN): A group of Bangladeshi businessmen have locked Srinangar border haat.

Since the BJP Govt assumed power, there have been various issues in the border haats and now Govt to tackle to issues, also limited the numbers of gathering resulting losses to the business.

Being angry, a group of Bangladeshi businessmen locked the border haat. As a result, Tripura’s businessmen also couldn’t make any profit.

Border haats play very important role to hold rural economy, but with various issues, political fighting the markets left paralyzed across Tripura.

India-Bangladesh Border Haat is a border trade market between Bangladesh and India. It is a market place organised by the two countries one day each week. It is not only a market for buying daily commodities but also a reunion spot for families living on both sides.

The Srinanagar Border haat was inaugurated by Central Minister Nirmala Sitaraman.

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