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BJP’s marked criminal Nabadul Banik’s gang attacked CPI-M State General Secretary Gautam Das at Bishalgrah : CPI-M protests erupt in Agartala
TIWN Dec 28, 2018
BJP’s marked criminal Nabadul Banik’s gang attacked CPI-M State General Secretary Gautam Das at Bishalgrah : CPI-M protests erupt in Agartala
PHOTO : CPI-M protesting at Agartala against attack on Gautam Das. TIWN Pic Dec 28

BISHALGRH / AGARTALA, Dec 28 (TIWN): Once again Bishalgrh BJP goons led by criminal Nabadul Banik has organized attacks on CPI-M. CPI-M kicked off a massive protest rally after CPI-M State General Secretary Gautam Das was assaulted, attacked at Bishalgrah while returning from Udaipur.Addressing media, CPI-M leader Pabitra Kar condemned the brutal attack on their party Secretary. “When Gautam Das and MLA Ratan Bhowmik were returning from Udaipur to Agartala, at Bishalgarh a vehicle rushed before their vehicle and few BJP miscreants stopping the vehicle attempted to pull Gautam and by grabbing his muffler they stretched him to come out of the vehicle”, Pabitra Kar said. The miscreants asked Gautam Das, why he took their names for attacking Ex-Minister Bhanulal Saha ? (Bhanulal Saha was slapped on his face by BJP goons led by Nabadul Banik during Municipal poll, when he went in ward no-4 as polling agent). “Immediately Gautam Das from the vehicle called DGP A K Shukla and other officials. We have organized the protest at Agartala evening to condemn both the attacks on Bhanulal Saha and Gautam Das", Pabitra Kar said.

"Also tomorrow afternoon we are going to launch a big protest. Today at Panisagar BJP attacked our leaders during election result out. They attacked in the office in the name of Victory rally of the Municipal Election. After that 3 families of CPI-M were attacked, one 75 years old woman, mother of Ajit Das, CPI-M leader”. he added. 

Taking a dig at Election Commission Pabitra Kar said, “This was not at all an election, it was a farce rather than election. But even after such rigging also they are not satisfied. We thank the voters, who courageously voted for us in this situation”.

“Yesterday we were bound to withdraw candidates in four sub-divisions. It was not an election, it was rape of democracy. Our protest against this autocracy to be continued”, said Kar.

After the attack question raised, if this is the level of attack on top leaders, what will be the condition of common men and CPI-M activists.

On yesterday during Municipal poll, voters were stopped from casting votes and BJP occupied the booths, illegally entered the strong rooms and continued to cast votes according to their wishes in four Subdivisions : 1) Belonia, 2) Bisalgarh, 3) Santir Bazar, 4) Sadar. A massive protest rally was staged at Agartala SDM Office premise by CPI-M supporters slamming the terror-ruling of Chief Minister Biplab Deb, who is also the party President of BJP. State Election Commission and Police's puppet role have generated massive resentment among the voters. Addressing media, CPI-M State General Secretary Gautam Das said, “Today Municipal Election started followed by BJP’s terror across State since yesterday night. Today since the early morning, Belonia, Santir Bazar, Bishalgrah and Sadar subdivision’s various areas have been haunted by BJP’s terror and poll rigging. BJP in very organized way, under police’s observation, pushed back CPI-M polling agents from the poll centres, even voters were removed from rows and then the BJP activists continued attacks on CPI-M leaders, agents at there and finally forced them to fight election. In this way, the whole Municipal election turned a terror under Biplab Deb Govt”.

At Bishalgrah Ex-Minister, MLA Bhanulal Saha was physically attacked. Across maximum booths, after removing CPI-M agents from there, they (BJP) started casting votes by themselves in totally illegal manner turning the election into a farce. In this condition, at Belonia, Santir Bazar, Bishalgrah and Sadar, CPI-M had withdrawn our candidates.

On yesterday, Gautam Das after the attack said, “The way BJP goons have forced our candidates to withdraw nominations today, this is called Narenddra Modi and Biplab Deb led Democracy’s real face. People have seen today the terror-ruling of BJP. We (CPI-M) condemn it”.

Today BJP goons at Bishalgrah attacked Gautam Das after he gave yesterday’s statement against BJP’s autocracy.



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