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Broad-daylight attack on CPI-M candidate ! ‘Not afraid of BJP goons’, says CPI-M, held protest
TIWN Dec 22, 2018
Broad-daylight attack on CPI-M candidate ! ‘Not afraid of BJP goons’, says CPI-M, held protest
PHOTO : CPI-M protesting against BJP led attack on CPI-M candidate, activists. TIWN Pic Dec 22

AGARTALA, Dec 22 (TIWN): A massive protest was organized on Saturday evening by CPI-M from Melarmath voicing against the brutal attack on CPI-M activists, leaders during by-election campaigning. Thousands of agitators joined the rally marching against 9 months old BJP Govt. Leader Pabitra Kar said, BJP Govt has given up the law and order and now BJP goons are controlling everything. “Today, in front of police CPI-M members, candidate were attacked. When an old man and one woman came to save them, the BJP goons attacked on them physically and the whole episode took place in front of police, but no action was taken against any of them. BJP president Biplab Deb (also Tripura CM) has pushed the goons to beat oppositions, torture on them to continue the terror of BJP among them, but we will not stop, neither we are afraid of their threats and attacks”, said Pabitra Kar. 5 days ahead of Municipal by-election, CPI-M candidate of Agartala Ward No-4 along with other CPI-M leaders, activists faced attacks by ruling BJP on Saturday. The attacked party leaders are 1) Subhashish Ganguli, 2) Bitan Das and many more. Tripura by-election is going to be conducted on December 27, which was postponed by State Election Commission allegedly under BJP led State Govt’s pressure, without informing the oppositions. Thousands of attacks took place on the opposition led over 70% seats BJP has already won without any contest.

Voicing against such ongoing attacks, CPI-M has launched this massive protest at Agartala demanding permission for rallies, campaigning and safety of the candidates during door to door campaigning.

CPI-M on Friday holding a press meet, expressed concerned about Govt, Police and Election Commission’s undemocratic move against the opposition parties. CPI-M leader Pabitra Kar had compared Election Commission with a puppet. Slamming Commissioner G.K.Rao led State Election Commission’s puppet role for changing Election date without informing oppositions, Pabitra Kar said, “It has become worse than a doll. When asked, Election Commissioner G K Rao said that due to high level pressure election date was postponed”, Kar told media. In door to door campaigning, people have told us that we don’t have to come, but whether they will be able to vote for us. Belonia, Bishalgarh, Kailashahar all arears are daily affecting due to BJP’s attack. We are not getting permission from police for rally, programmes. As cause behind this, police are saying law and order is unstable. Thus, police themselves are accepting that the law and order condition is not going good in state”.

CPI-M’s demand was to allow the opposition to practice their democratic rights which are now under suppression of the ruling party.

In last 9 months hundreds of CPI-M, Congress party offices were bulldozed, attacked, burnt and physical attacks turned almost everyday crime. During each by-election, candidates houses were attacked on midnight, houses burnt, fabricated cases were lodged, but state police’s role remained so far unsatisfactory and working in favour of ruling party’s crimes. Many times nexus between police and party activists of BJP were alleged and suspected.

Voicing against such ongoing attacks, CPI-M has launched this massive protest at the capital city.


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