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Butchering Democracy in Tripura : Terror machinery led BJP set to 'win(?) 67 seats in' No Contest' Election out of 158, State Election Commission turned puppet of BJP Govt
TIWN Dec 6, 2018
Butchering Democracy in Tripura : Terror machinery led BJP set to 'win(?) 67 seats in' No Contest' Election out of 158, State Election Commission turned puppet of BJP Govt
PHOTO : BJP led violence across houses in Tripura.

AGARTALA, Dec 6 (TIWN): State Election Commission has been mute spectator of BJP’s organized crime across Tripura centering Municipal Election, remained unaffected even after complaining to Commissioner G K Rao and Police high authorities. Like the previous Panchayat election, BJP’s organized terror have left many candidates injured, hospitalized, forced to give up election. Houses of candidates and opposition supporters were severely attacked in South Tripura, Gomati District, Sepahijala District and finally BJP has won(?) 67 seats out of 158 seats without any contest as Opposition candidates were threatened with murder in case they contest election. This poll-rigging was followed after Panchayat election where 96% seats were grabbed by BJP without any contest via massive violence. At Melaghar many opposition supporters, candidates were bound to leave the area out of BJP led terror. Police even though arrested 6 people in the violence connection, but were bound to release them in BJP top layer’s order. Many public properties were burnt, poultry farms were also burnt which killed the chickens burnt alive and many candidates were forced to withdraw nominations, whereas many were forced to leave the are.

 In night hours by covering faces with black colour clothes many candidates houses across Udaipur, Melaghar, Belinia and other places were attacked. In Jirania, Khowai like areas opposition  candidates could not submit nominations. In case of Khowai, in the ultimate time, police said that they can not manage security arrangement for the opposition candidates. At around 12 O’Clock when CPI-M candidates were going for nomination submission, BJP activists stopped them on the road and as a result they couldn’t go for submitting nominations.

On November 29 evening since 7 pm to 10 pm miscreants by covering their faces with black clothes indulged in massive violence in various places. Many local sharp weapons had been carried by them.In that attack, CPI-M leader Tutal Deb (33), S/O-Ajit Deb, Dipak Das (58), S/O-Late Dinesh Das's houses were attacked brutally. Dipak Das's leg and and Smt Mrinmi Nag's hand was broken. They were taken to GB hospital for treatment. 

Another Tutan Deb's house was vandalized, whereas Subir Sen's home was heavily stone pelted.Moreover, Santi Nagar's Mrinal Roy and Netaji Nagar's Fani Bhushan Roy's houses were attacked with verbal hitting as they used slang language. 

In another attack an old woman on December 3, was severely attacked on yesterday late night. The attack took place at Bhola Das’s house in Belonia. Das is the CPI-M candidate of No-5 ward of Municipality.His mother’s hand broke in that attack, whereas his daughter was also beaten and the whole house was vandalized. 

CPI-M State Secretary Gautam Das said, “Out of 158 seats, we could only submit nominations for 65 seats whereas in rest of the seats CPI-M could not submit nominations. The reason behind this is failure of police to safeguard our candidates. Police earlier promised that they will safeguard CPI-M candidates but they didn’t keep their words. As a result, in few towns no candidate could be given as Khowai, Telimaura, Kamalpur, Ranir Bazar. We thought on Tuesday we will submit few nominations, but SP to DGP, Additional DGP nobody received any phone, which is very strange. They are the maintainer of law and order and should pick up phone calls of public”, he said.

Across the state tensions have been fueled up, whereas a major section of media have been restricted for highlighting BJP led violence. Oppositions alleged, as BJP lost its ground in Tripura in last 9 months and have no faith on public would vote for them and yet far away to fulfill Vision Document, thus the violence have been sponsored.


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