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Jagannath Bhaktas celebrate Govardhan puja
TIWN Nov 8, 2018
Jagannath Bhaktas celebrate Govardhan puja
PHOTO : 'Annakut' marks Govardhan Puja at Agartala Jagannath Bari. TIWN Pic Nov 8

AGARTALA, Nov 8 (TIWN): Tripura celebrates Govardhan puja in various Jagannath temples across state.

Every year after Diwali Amabasya, this festival is held. At Agartala Jagannath Bari, devotees thronged to pray to Goverdhan.  Govardhan puja, or Annakut or Annakoot (translated as “a mountain of food”) as it is also known, is a Hindu festival in which devotees prepare and offer a large variety of vegetarian food to the murtis of  God as a mark of gratitude.

Annakut festival is related with Goverdhan festival. This day 56 kinds vegetables are mixed to prepare food which is called 56 Bhog. The number of dishes prepared reached to 101 items.This day is celebrated as the thanks giving to the nature. It is believed that just by organising and visiting this festival, a person never faces the lack of food. 

He always has the grace of Annapurna. Annakut is the day of having collective food or in gathering. In this, whole family and society people prepare offerings for lord in a common kitchen and later take it in form of Prasad.Due to this , every year lots of devotees throng into the City’s Jagannath Temple to witness this grand festival. On this occasion Jagannath Jew Temple is decorated with flowers and last minute arrangements had been done. It is to be mentioned that Annakut is celebrated every year at Pratipad , Sukla tithi.

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