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CM advises youths to buy-cows, rear-cows : BJP leaders looting Tripura's existing dairy industries
TIWN Nov 8, 2018
CM advises youths to buy-cows, rear-cows : BJP leaders looting Tripura's existing dairy industries
PHOTO : Tripura CM Biplab Deb. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Nov 8 (TIWN): Amid Chief Minister Biplab Deb's Cow Rearing advise to jobless youths and his announcement to rear cows at CM's quarter to motivate the youths, crores of embezzlement has been reported from State's milk dairies. It has been alleged that Indranagar milk dairy which has been well known for the quality of products, BJP-IPFT Govt has grabbed the company. The milk dairy was under Tripura Milk Union and the state was progressing towards developing milk industry, but after 3rd March the old board members were forced to resign and a new Board was constituted. On July month a new Board was formed and the chairman of the committee is Samir Das. However, according to the old committee members, at least Rs.16 crores of savings were there in the farm but as soon as the new Board was constituted, huge corruptions were started. It has been alleged that without maintaining any rules, from a Karnataka company at least 150 metric ton powder milk was bought. Per Kilo milk was bought at Rs. 135, which could be bought in much lower price from other companies.Total 2 crores 29 lakhs 43 thousand, 550 had to be paid for purchasing the milk i.e. around 2.30 lakhs of investment was done.

But there is no space to keep the power milks in the farm and as a result anyhow those purchased milk products have been kept in open air. Already hefty of milk items have been spoiled, whereas it has been alleged that to receive commission such huge amounts of power milks were bought. 

Similar allegations are coming that at high prices various items are bought from few BJP supporting businessmen whereas at low rate more products could be bought. 

In case of mineral mixture buying, huge corruptions have been alleged.Earlier from a  company in Hyderabad such mineral mixers were bought, whereas the new board without any tender / record bought 16,000 kilo of mineral mixer at Rs. 66/ kilo. 

In each commodity such embezzlement have been alleged and the Board Chairman's luxurious lifestyle is also causing huge burdens for the farm funds. If in this way the system continues, then dairy farm will be destroyed soon. 

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