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Duplicate products from 'Sister' company masala hits trust of consumers
TIWN Aug 11, 2018
Duplicate products from 'Sister' company masala hits trust of consumers
PHOTO : Factory making duplicate masala (spices) sealed by Food Dept at Agartala. TIWN Pic Aug 10

AGARTALA, Aug 11 (TIWN): A factory which has been sealed at AD Nagar, with the initiative of Food Dept on Friday has triggered much tension as the company belong with a renowned masala (spices) company named "Sister Masala".

The company according to locals was first running by Cook Well company and then Sister Masala  started business but soon seeing their illegal activities locals locked the godown.

This factory was mixing various harmful elements, dangerous chemicals with spices.

Local people at AD Nagar before few months had sealed the factory with own initiative and then complained to the AMC.

AMC then handedover the issue to the Food Dept and getting informed the Food Dept officials arrived there and sealed the godown.

However, locals said, there were many more stocks inside the godown but how the numbers have been decreased it's questionable.

Nobody could be arrested so far. Allegation has raised against "Sister Masala" factory owner behind this heinous crime.

The drive was held after Tripura's popular news channel "New Vanguard" had exposed the scam. 

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