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'Achhe Din' reeling under price hike but No Wage/Salary hike : CNG, PNG prices hiked in Tripura from today, resentment brews among customers
TIWN Aug 10, 2018
'Achhe Din' reeling under price hike but No Wage/Salary hike : CNG, PNG prices hiked in Tripura from today, resentment brews among customers
PHOTO : CNG price hiked from Rs. 41 to Rs. 43. Long queues at Krishnanagar CNG Station. TIWN Pic Aug 10

AGARTALA, Aug 10 (TIWN): Fuel price hike has hit the consumers in Tripura in the fifth month of the BJP era. From Friday the hiked taxes has been imposed on Piped Natural Gas (PNG) and Compressed natural Gas (CNG). Earlier the CNG price was Rs. 41 per kg, whereas it's from now will be Rs. 44, thus 3 rupees above than the earlier. Now, in case o Piped Natural Gas (PNG) it was earlier Rs. 17.50 now it's Rs. 19. At the same time, CNG stations are less in number leading heavy rows of autos everyday in front of the CNG stations everyday. Demand has raised for increasing more numbers of CNG stations. In case of uses of PNG in Govt Quarter it has been hiked from Rs. 22 to Rs. 25. In the last 5 months, but not a single paisa was hiked for employees or for allowances as promised by BJP before the Election but commodity prices are heavily increasing. With the price hike oppositions are mocking at "Achhee Din" and "Hira" promise of Prime Minister Modi to the Nation and to the state Tripura. It was on July 26 that Tripura cabinet had decided to bring ordinance to hike 2 % cess on Petrol, Diesel, Natural Gas. However, the collected whole revenues will be used in road repairing.

Now it's to be seen how far transformation in road repairing comes out with the taxes to be collected from masses. 

BJP before coming in power promised that once it makes a Govt here, wages, allowances will be massively hiked. Social pension will be at least Rs.2000, Wage : Rs. 340 along 7th Pay Commission for Govt employees, but all those promises are still pending whereas commodity prices are skyrocketing due to a constant fuel price hike. 

On the background of fuel price hike, Law Minister Ratan Lal Nath said, “There are 3000 buses in Tripura, autos 34,000, E-Rickshaws' number is 8,300. Trucks including small and big are 28,000, cars 10,000, two wheelers above 3 lakhs. Around 4 lakhs of vehicles are running over state's pathetic roads. The roadway's condition is bad leading massive damages to the vehicles. People are suffering. The vehicles are losing their lasting quality. Transport movement is becoming tough. Delivery is getting delayed”, Ratan Lal Nath said.

“Aiming to develop the economy and betterment of every citizens of the state, which will reduce the transport cost and also save time Govt has decided to lavy 2 % cess on fuel. That revenue will develop roadmaps. Once the transport become faster and can save time in delivery automatically it will reduce the transport cost and save the vehicles from damages. That’s why the Govt has decided to bring an ordinance under ‘Tripura Road Development Cess Ordinance 2018’ to impose the 2 % cess on petrol, diesel, natural gas”, said Ratan Lal Nath adding that the whole revenue will be used in road renovation.  

Both CPI-M and Congress have slammed the BJP Govt for hiking taxes on fuel, cooking gas.

Congress leader Gopal Roy said, “BJP Govt must give up the proposed hike on fuel tax and cooking gas. It will kill the economy.

On the other side, CPI-M Ex-Finance Minister Badal Choudhury alleged, “It’s BJP’s trick to hike the commodity prices by increasing fuel prices. Hike in fuel price means hike of all commodities and this is the way BJP is going to generate revenue”.

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