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Man beaten with false allegation of child lifter in Agartala, bike burnt
TIWN July 13, 2018
Man beaten with false allegation of child lifter in Agartala, bike burnt
PHOTO : Anjan Dey's bike burnt by angry guardians at Bordowali school. TIWN Pic July 13

AGARTALA, July 13 (TIWN): One young man was beaten heavily by school students' guardians with child lifter allegations on Friday.

The incident took place in front of Bordowali school when a local Anjan Dey, S/O-Ashit Chandra Dey went in Bordowali school for a contractual work purpose.

When he was coming out of the school he saw few men are escaping and guardians are running here and there. Without understanding anything Anjan Dey also ran from the spot but suddenly guardians caught him and beaten him heavily.

Police have rescued Anjan anyhow but the guardians and locals had burnt his bike.

Anjan Dey said, the bike belong to his father who is working as Home Guard under state govt.

Guardians further told media that the a child lifter has shown knife to the children. Anjan challenged to take him to the children and ask whether he was that person or not.

However, after the primary interrogation police will release Anjan. Anjan is  a local boy of Bordowali often come to this school in search of work.

Earlier three people were killed in Tripura with child lifter allegations by mob. 

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