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CPI-M alleges poor quality flours given in Ration shops looks like ‘CEMENT’, full of ‘Insects’ & unworthy to consume even for ‘Pigs’ : Opposition hits Biplab Deb’s ‘Ram Rajjya’
TIWN July 11, 2018
CPI-M alleges poor quality flours given in Ration shops looks like ‘CEMENT’, full of ‘Insects’ & unworthy to consume even for ‘Pigs’ : Opposition hits Biplab Deb’s ‘Ram Rajjya’
PHOTO : CPI-M leaders displaying poor quality's flours before media at party office. TIWN Pic July 11

AGARTALA, July 11 (TIWN): Opposition CPI-M has alleged, poor quality’s food items are being served at ration shops in ADC and rural areas of state under BJP Govt, which are impossible to consume for human beings. CPI-M leaders on Monday has visited various places in deep ADC areas and when they were in Sinaikami Para of Khamtingbari, lined with Mandai area locals complained that such low quality’s flours are given to them which not only humans but even fish and pigs can not take. Addressing in a press conference, MP Shankar Prasad Datta said, “The locals who complained about poor quality’s flour given to them which are unworthy to take for animals too, we asked them to bring that flour and to show us. When the villagers showed us the flours it was unbelievable ! How ration shops can give such flours ? The flour neither can be compared with soil, nor with cement. Not only this, the flours are full of insects and this is the reality of Tripura today”.The CPI-M leader further alleged, if any customer denies to take those flours at home, then they said no more flour will be given to them.

“We demand such kinds of pathetic food distribution should be stopped immediately. This is just the sample of flour, but rice and other items are also left in same condition”, the MP said.

In case of MGNREGA works, Shankar Prasad Datta said that only 6 to 7 days of works were done per person at there in last 3 months 10 days.

“The wages instead of 170 rupees only 115 rupees are given to them, which never happened in CPI-M's time. Around the year works were going on in our time. So we request the present state govt to stop lecturing and to look into basic problems of common people”, he said.

Addressing the press meet, CEM of TTAADC Radhacharan Debbarma said, “The people who were dreaming about Tipraland before the election, today they are dreaming for livelihood so that they can survive anyhow”.

“The Khamtingbari area was one of them which is famous for lemon, pineapple and banana. But today a dangerous situation has gripped the people at there, markets have been collapsed. The economic crisis on hills not only because of MGNREGA works but also because as nothing they are able to sell”, he said.

“The pineapples which were sold rupees 40 they are unable to sell them at rupees 15 also. Lemon prices have become half and banana price’s condition is also same”, Radhacharan Debbarma said.

Radhacharan Debbarma also hit the state govt for E-rationing system without proper arrangement.

He alleged, "Due to few mistakes in the cards or papers, many families are deprive of foods and till the errors are fixed no rationing are being given to them. People will die in this way. So, we demand till things are not fixed, immediately the E-rationing should be stopped. 

MP Shankar Prasad Datta said, CPI-M will also talk to the Food Director to inform him regarding such food supplies across ration shops.

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