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Cop trapped two drug smugglers in ‘Consumer’ attire
TIWN July 4, 2018
Cop trapped two drug smugglers in ‘Consumer’ attire
PHOTO : 2 arrested in drug, phensedyl smuggling. TIWN Pic July 4

AGARTALA, July 4 (TIWN): Two persons have been arrested by AD Nagar Police on Wednesday in connection with phensedyl smuggling and illegal business of tablet and other drugs.

The two arrested persons have been identified as : Jamal Mia,  Biswajit Chowdhury.

Getting informed via secret sources police caught them from Pratapgarh and seized huge amounts of cashes and addiction related items.

Most interesting thing in this drive was the OC of AD Nagar PS Alambir Hossain telephoned the phensedyl smugglers telling them he wants to buy various drug items.

Then the OC along with other police official in civil dresses caught the drug smugglers red handed who came with bundles of phensedyl packets and other drug items. 

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