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‘Before asking reasons of unemployment from Modi, ask your own Govt in Tripura’ : Modi tells CPI-M
TIWN Feb 8, 2018
‘Before asking reasons of unemployment from Modi, ask your own Govt in Tripura’ : Modi tells CPI-M
PHOTO : PM Modi addressing at BJP's rally in Kailashahar. TIWN Pic Feb 8

KAILASHAHAR (Tripura), Feb 8 (TIWN): In a one-day visit in Left ruled Tripura, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his second rally at Kailshahar of Unakoti Dist hitting the left Govt on Tripura’s burning unemployment rate, said, “Unemployed youths of Tripura are striving for being employed, suffering from job droughts. But without focusing on such issues, Communist party calls press conference at Delhi and asks reasons of unemployment from Modi. But before asking Modi, ask you own Govt of Tripura, why it’s not filling up the vacancies in various Govt Depts ?” “I experienced various elections earlier, but Tripura’s election temperament is totally different this time. I can see the anger on the public’s face following the 25 years of a corrupt regime led by the Communists. Thus this election doesn’t look like any conventional election but the election is Govt vs. Public as the election will decide Tripura’s youths' future”.

“So many  years have gone under Communist regime but Tripura is paralyzed without any development”, said PM Modi.

“I want to ask why Tripura’s unemployed youths are not getting employment ? On the one side you are increasing unemployment and asking reason from Delhi Govt ?”, added Modi.

“This is your time.. Answer Tripura why Tripura is lagging behind ?”, said Modi.

“Tripura joined with India in 1972 and in 2022 Tripura will celebrate Golden Jubilee but in last years the works which have not been done before 50 years of completion all works need to be done. But the 20 years of Govt will not do that everyone knows. As a results, high time to unseat the left from here”, said Modi.

Modi after leaving Tripura tweeted, “Tripura has decided to reject the Left. The state wants BJP and politics of development”. 

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