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Prez Murmu laments low strength of women in State assembly, workforce
Prez Murmu laments low strength of women in State assembly, workforce

Panaji, Aug 23 : Lamenting that women's representation in the State assembly and in the workforce is very low, President Droupadi Murmu on Wednesday advocated the need of giving attention to the participation of women in public life.

There are only three female legislators in the 40-member Assembly House of Goa.

"One area in which the government and people of Goa need to give attention is the participation of women in public life and the workforce. I can see a very low number of female legislators in this House. The proportion of working women in Goa is also relatively low. This is not a proper situation for a liberal society like Goa and efforts should be made towards changing this situation," she said.

The President added that she was happy to address the representatives of such people who believe in 'One Goa' and 'One India' despite following different religions, faiths and sects.

"Goa is among the leading states on many parameters of development. The per capita GDP in this state is almost two-and-a-half times higher than the national average. Goa is also among the leading states of the country on parameters like water management, export preparedness, innovation, education and health," she said.

"Parliament and State Legislatures are sacred institutions that represent the sovereignty of the people. The people's representatives discuss and take decisions on the subject of public interest at these sacred places. Therefore, meaningful and effective participation of the members in the House proceedings is important," Murmu added.

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