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Delhi govt school classroom scam: Vigilance directorate recommends probe by specialised agency
Delhi govt school classroom scam: Vigilance directorate recommends probe by specialised agency

New Delhi, Nov 25 (TIWN) The Directorate of Vigilance (DoV) of the Delhi government has submitted its report to the chief secretary in a case of alleged "irregularities and corruption" in the construction of 2,405 classrooms in 193 schools and has recommended probe.

The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), in a report dated February 17, 2020, highlighted "glaring irregularities" in the construction of over 2,400 classrooms in Delhi government schools by the Public Works Department (PWD).   The CVC had sent the report to the Delhi government's vigilance directorate seeking its comments on the matter in February 2020.  "Extra constitutional agencies were running the administration and dictating the terms and conditions to the officers and the entire administration, both at policy level as well as the execution level were implementing such directions of private persons. Besides being a serious threat to security aspects, this kind of approach will lead to administrative anarchy and chaos," the vigilance directorate observed in its report.  The vigilance directorate has also recommended “fixing responsibilities" of the officials concerned of the Education Department and PWD who were involved in the "bungling" to the tune of nearly Rs 1,300 crore, they said.   What is the controversy all about? Back in April 2015, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal directed construction of additional classrooms in Delhi government schools.  The PWD was bestowed with the responsibility of constructing 2,405 classrooms in 193 schools. But after conducting a survey to figure out the requirement of the classrooms, they projected a total requirement of 7,180 equivalent class rooms (ECR) in 194 schools, almost three times the requirement of 2,405 classrooms.

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