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Rajnath Singh tops survey; No. 1 for both NDA, non-NDA voters
Rajnath Singh tops survey; No. 1 for both NDA, non-NDA voters

New Delhi, May 29 (TIWN) Defence Minister Rajnath Singh is the top performing minister in the Modi cabinet among the NDA voters and non-NDA voters, reveals a survey of IANS-CVoter Survey.

The survey was conducted on the completion of 8 years of the NDA government headed by Prime Minister Narenda Modi. The survey was conducted among the NDA, non-NDA voters and involved other various parameters. As per the survey, Singh ranks first in both -- NDA voters with 8.36 score and the opposition voters with 7.03 score. The Minister also finds top place among the social group of Muslim community with 6.30 score. However, in another social group of SC/ST, Singh ranks second with 7.63 score. Among other social groups of communities -- Sikhs, OBC and UCH, Defence Minister ranks first as per the IANS-CVoter Survey. He topped with a 8.48 score among Sikhs, 8.05 among OBCs and 7.70 among the UCH communities. His popularity is also soaring among the 18 to 24 years and 55 plus year age groups. Among the 18 to 24 years, Singh tops with 7.34 score and among 55 plus, he got a 7.72 score with top position. However, among those who have completed graduation, he ranks third with a 7.41 score. On the occupational parameters, Rajnath Singh tops in the categories of land owning farmers, landless agricultural labour, private sector services and general labour. Singh holds first position with 7.73 score in land owning farmers category, with 7.30 in landless agricultural labour category, with 7.43 in private sector services and with 7.28 among general labour category. However, in the government service category, Singh ranks second with a 8.39 score as per the survey. The Union Minister's performance is also on top with a 7.53 score among the Monthly Family Income of less than 3,000. Among monthly family income group of 20,000 to 50,000, Singh ranks second with a 7.51 score, according to the survey of IANS-CVoter Survey.

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