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Woman died after delivery due to Blood Crisis in Tripura
TIWN May 27, 2021
Woman died after delivery due to Blood Crisis in Tripura
PHOTO : Woman died due to blood crisis in IGM Blood Bank. TIWN Pic May 27, 2021

AGARTALA, May 27 (TIWN): Kohinoor Begum, (30 years), a resident of Bishalgarh, Nadilakh area lost life after giving birth to her son allegedly due to IGM Hospital Blood Bank’s negligence.

Kohinoor was taken to Bishalgarh Hospital last night where she gave birth to her son and being her condition critical she was referred to IGM hospital today. After she was taken to IGM by her husband, Billal Mia, and other family members, the hospital staff advised them to collect AB- blood for the patient. Soon they brought 5 AB- blood donors but the blood bank authority then claimed that Kohinoor’s blood group was AB+. The family again arranged donors with AB+ blood group but the blood bank staff made them wait for 2 hours to start the process and in the meantime Kohinoor, the mother of the third child lost her breath due to lack of blood.    

However, undoubtedly mismanagement of health crisis has become one of the primary problems in our state for few years. Lack of efficient staff, dedicated doctors and nurses, inadequate supply of blood, medicines, and other equipment are making the health system collapse.   


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