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Daring theft incident reported in broad daylight at Agartala Ramnagar area
TIWN May 16, 2021
Daring theft incident reported in broad daylight at Agartala Ramnagar area

AGARTALA, May 16 (TIWN): Increasing robbery, theft incidents, have rattled public lives in Tripura, with increasing numbers of broad daylight such unwanted incidents, showing thumb finger to the law and order. In the state capital city, Agartala everyday theft, robbery incidents have become common in broad daylight. Rising various questions on the administrative measures to curb thefts and robberies in the city, Agartala. In such a daring theft incident occurred in broad daylight at Ramnagar area on Sunday.

Taking advantage of an empty house, thieves looted huge amounts of gold ornaments from a head teacher's house at Ramnagar 3, Agartala.

Talking to the house owner, Sekhar Chowhan, it is known he went outside at 12 O’ clock on Sunday and after returning home at 3 Pm he found his Showcase, cupboard doors were broken.

The house owner, Sekhar, told media that huge amount of gold ornaments had been taken away from his house, and thieves also destroyed valuable documents. The victim teacher is a head teacher of the primary department of Upendra Vidya Bhawan School.

Later the theft incident was reported to Police, on receiving the news police reached to the scene and started investigating the incident.

Similarly, on May 16th, an unidentified youth entered in Ajit Saha’s house at Radhanagar Motor Stand behind Radhamadhab Club under West PS and stole Rs 50,000 in cash. The local people of the area caught him red handed out of suspicion and handed over to the police.

The youth name has been identified as Vicky Sau.

After the Police investigation it will come out whether Vicky was involved in the theft incident or not.

 Daring theft incidents in a row on a regular basis has generated tension among common people across the state.

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