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17 yrs old girl was raped in Kailashahar
TIWN March 17, 2021
17 yrs old girl was raped in Kailashahar

AGARTALA, March 17 (TIWN): It is alleged that Mahmud Ali of Chhantoil Gram Panchayat forcibly raped a 17-year-old minor, while her parents were away.

Victim’s father is a vegetable seller by profession. Around 9 am, he left home for work. Shortly after victim’s mother went out to fetch ration, the minor girl went to Mahmud’s house to return a bowl of vegetables. While she entered his home, the accused forcibly threw her on the ground and tied her mouth. After a while, the victim’s mother returned home and searched for her, she sent victim’s younger brother to Mahmud’s house to look for her daughter. On entering Mahmud's house the young boy saw his sister lying on the floor and yelled. Soon Mahmud hurriedly fled before the people of the area could arrive.

An hour later, knowing the incident, victim’s father rushed to Kailashahar Women PS and filed a complaint against the culprit. Hearing the story, I/O Shivani Debabarma,  went to the spot with a large police force and TSR but couldn’t find Mahmud.


It is also known that Mahmud Ali is married and has a six-month-old child. Mahmud's wife was not at home at the time of the incident. Victim’s father strongly suspects that Mahmud Ali may have migrated to Chennai as he stayed there for 5 years.

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