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Farmers made puppets of corporates through agri Bills: RJD
Farmers made puppets of corporates through agri Bills: RJD

Patna, Sep 22 (TIWN) Taking a dig at the Modi government over the agriculture-related Bills, RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav has said that it has made 'anna datas' or food-providers the puppets of its 'fund datas' or fund-providers.

"The Modi government has already privatised so many government entities... agriculture is one sector that was till now considered untouched. The NDA government has privatised it too with the passage of the two agri Bills by the two Houses of Parliament," the Leader of the Opposition in the Bihar Assembly said.  "This government has put the future of farmers in the hands of industrialists. The latter will have complete control over foodgrains, seeds, fertilisers, agriculture and irrigation-related equipment etc. The idea is to control the whole Indian economy. Farmers will now be completely dependent on industrialists for the sale of farm produce. It's not the farmers but industrialists who will decide the price of foodgrains."  The Rashtriya Janata Dal leader said that ahead of the Assembly elections, all non-Bihari leaders were talking about Bihar and Bihari pride round the clock.

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