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Modi 'chowkidar' of only 15 corrupt persons: Rahul
Modi 'chowkidar' of only 15 corrupt persons: Rahul

Panna/Damoh/Tikamgarh (IANS) , April 30 (IANS) Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday described Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a "chowkidar" (watchman) who guards the interests of only 15 corrupt persons and not that of the country at large,

The also targeted the leaders and the big who fled the country after taking  He asked Minister to take action against those ministers of the previous BJP government in the state who allegedly misappropriated the package funds.

He said: "During demonetisation, it was said that it's a fight against black money. If it was true, then why didn't people like and were seen in  Amit Shah's son makes Rs 80 crore from Rs 50,000 in a matter of three months, Choksi sends money to Arun Jaitley's daughter's account and meets Jaitley before fleeing the country. All this must be explained..."

maintained that while big are at large after committing crime, in sharp contrast a is put behind bars if he is not able to pay back 5,000 to 10,000 rupees. "Why this double standard...because farmers are honest people and not thieves?"

The slogan of "achhe din" during the last election has completely changed now, he said, adding: "Now, if I just say mention 'chowkidar', people say 'chor hai'."

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