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Fagun Thakrar plays chief of British Intelligence in AI drama ‘Irah' starring Ronit Roy
Fagun Thakrar plays chief of British Intelligence in AI drama ‘Irah' starring Ronit Roy

Mumbai, April 10 : British-Indian actress Fagun Thakrar, who shares the screen with actor Rohit Roy in the film ‘Irah’, plays the Chief of the British Intelligence Agency.

The film, directed by Sam Bhattacharjee, delves into artificial intelligence and its ethical dilemmas.

Fagun shared that when a major crime involving artificial intelligence falls into the wrong hands and remains unsolved, she is called in to address the crisis, highlighting the gravity of her role.

Describing her role further, Fagun said: "It's akin to being the head of MI6, surrounded by numerous bodyguards. Playing this role is fantastic; it's somewhat reminiscent of James Bond 007 but from the perspective of the top leader."

When asked if her role resembles that of Judy Dench, who plays the MI6 boss, Fagun said: "In the film, any resemblance to the legend is limited to being a woman boss of the British Secret Service. But I have another connection with Judy Dench. I honed my craft at one of the world's most esteemed drama schools, the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, an alma mater to legendary Dame Judi Dench.”

Fagun had the opportunity to meet Dame Judy Dench when Fagun was being honoured by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) through their exclusive Newcomers Program for international rising stars.

Sharing her experience of meeting Judi Dench, the actress said: "Meeting Dame Judi Dench at the BAFTA was a moment etched in grace and inspiration. Her presence, a testament to the power of enduring artistry, reminded me of the profound impact we can make through dedication and passion. It was a meeting of minds, a confluence of respect and admiration, that further ignited my commitment to excellence in my craft. Her words, 'Continue to explore, dream, and create,' will forever resonate with me as I journey through the landscapes of creativity and storytelling.”

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