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Florence Pugh shares what she loves about bedroom scenes
Florence Pugh shares what she loves about bedroom scenes

Los Angeles, Dec 20 : Actress Florence Pugh, who has had intimate clinches on camera with Harry Styles and Cillian Murphy, has shared what she loves the most about the bedroom scenes.

Apparently, it doesn’t include getting comfortable with a co-star or practising the lines or the scene but it’s all about a good nap for her when the crew around her is preparing the scene, reports ‘’. 

The Oscar nominated star, who plays Harry’s wife in ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ and has a raunchy scene with Cillian Murphy in ‘Oppenheimer’, said that she adores having a nap while lighting and camera technicians tinker around her.  She said, “I love a crew because I love lots of people around. I actually will sleep best in a room full of people that are setting up for the next shot. I could go back to my trailer and have a 10-minute kip.”  She further mentioned, quoted by ‘’, “I love bed scenes... because you need to lie in the bed as they set up and see what you’re going to do in the bed. Then they say, ‘Florence, do you want to go back to your trailer?’.

I always say ‘no’, and I stay there like a good little bean, because then they don’t need anyone to come in and help light. I just lie there and I have a full-on kip. And that’s when I sleep my best, because everybody’s just pottering about.”

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