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Ayush Anand on acrobatic scene in 'Meet': 'It wasn't a walk in the park'
Ayush Anand on acrobatic scene in 'Meet': 'It wasn't a walk in the park'

Mumbai, Sep 12 : Actor Ayush Anand, who plays Raj in the show 'Meet', will impress the viewers with his acrobatic skills in an upcoming scene.

Although Ayush is a martial arts and gymnastic enthusiast, performing it on-screen was a bit challenging for him, as he was tied to a harness upside down and had to walk on his hands, that too, over a six-inch plank.

Revolving around the story of Meet Hooda, a head-strong woman who questions societal norms of gender roles and proves that there’s no work or responsibility that a woman can’t take on, the show has kept the audience at the edge of their seats through several twists and turns over the years.  After the 16-year leap, viewers have been hooked on the story of Meet’s daughter -- Sumeet (Ashi Singh) -- who is attempting to live up to her deceased mother’s name.  While the show has been keeping its viewers entertained through some intriguing plot twists, viewers are in for some high-end drama as Shagun (Amrapali Gupta) is throwing back-to-back challenges to Sumeet and her family so that Shlok is free of the contract and can tell the world he is the ‘Wonder Boy’. 

Talking about the same, Ayush said: “I was thrilled to perform my first-ever upside-down acrobatic stunt sequence, even though we were shooting outdoors in scorching heat. It was a challenging yet enjoyable experience with the harness and a 6-inch plank.”  “Walking upside down was far more demanding than my gymnastics classes, but my personal fitness regimen prepared me. It wasn't a walk in the park, but knowing the basics helped me pull it off. Our director prioritised safety and constantly checked on me during the stunt, ensuring everyone's well-being. All the hard work truly paid off," he added.  While Ayush is very excited after performing his first stunt scene in the show, it will be interesting for the viewers to watch how Sumeet passes all the challenges thrown by Shagun at her so that she can tell the world that Shlok is the real ‘Wonder Boy’.

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