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Linda Haynes, whose 'Rolling Thunder' role inspired Tarantino, dies at 75
Linda Haynes, whose 'Rolling Thunder' role inspired Tarantino, dies at 75

Los Angeles, Aug 13 : Linda Haynes who is best remembered for her role in films such as 'Rolling Thunder', 'Brubaker', and 'Human Experiments', has died at the age of 75, in her sleep.

My mom moved up to South Carolina to live with us over three years ago, and it was some of our very best times together." He added: "As an only child, I have dreaded these times my entire life. I find peace in knowing that my mother was at peace and had the most beautiful life these final years together with her grandchildren, Courtney Sylvander and I. We are going to miss my mom immensely."

Born Linda Lee Sylvander on November 4, 1947, in Miami, Haynes made her acting debut as Dr Anne Barton in the film 'Latitude Zero' (1969). After that she became a very big name in Hollywood, starring primarily in crime thrillers and neo-noir films at a time when neo-noir had just started emerging as a new style of filmmaking. She starred in various other crime thrillers such as 'The Nickel Ride', 'Rolling Thunder' and 'The Drowning Pool', as well as horror films such as 'Human Experiments' and the crime-drama film 'The Brubaker'.

However, despite making it big in the '70s and '80s, she disappeared from the acting scene quite mysteriously. Her acting had greatly influenced Quentin Tarantino who is an ardent admirer of the film 'Rolling Thunder'. The director had said: "The performance of the film for me is Linda Haynes as Linda Forchet. Linda Forchet is my favorite female character in a Paul Schrader written movie."

Linda Haynes was noted for her dramatic flair and naturalistic acting which had greatly impressed many actors such as Tommy Lee Jones, Cesar Romero and Morgan Freeman.

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