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Jennifer Coolidge: I was eating myself to death
Jennifer Coolidge: I was eating myself to death

Los Angeles, Dec 1 (TIWN) Actress Jennifer Coolidge has said that she was eating herself to "death" and put on "between 30 to 40 pounds" amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

She said: "I just didn't want to be on camera that fat because of my excessive eating during COVID. I thought we were all going to die, I really did, so I was just eating myself to death. Vegan pizzas, sometimes five or six in a day."  The 60-year-old actress said that she even contemplated declining her part in 'White Lotus' because she didn't want to be chunky on screen.  However, fortunately, a good friend made her see sense.  She continued: "I'm fat right now. And she said, ‘Jennifer this is all you have! What the f***?' She was like, ‘These opportunities don't come around, you idiot!' We all need these friends.  The actress added: "A lot of actors make huge mistakes, I don't know why, we want a great moment to happen but then when it comes along we somehow talk ourselves out of it, I think that's very typical of an actor, to screw it up for themselves but I had a great friend that stopped me from doing that."

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