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Kacey Musgraves had 'guided magic mushrooms' trip to deal with divorce
Kacey Musgraves had 'guided magic mushrooms' trip to deal with divorce

Los Angeles, Sep 15 (TIWN) Singer Kacey Musgraves went on a seven-hour guided magic mushrooms trip to help process the end of her marriage and find a positive way to use her "trauma and pain".

She said: "I did it with a doctor friend here and her husband. It's called plant therapy.  "It's been looked at in a lot of areas for help with depression, anxiety, addiction, so many things." 

"Basically, some neuroscientists (from Baltimore's Johns Hopkins University) have created a playlist that's music from all over the world, put together to guide you, in that state of mind, through different emotions, feeling memories, whatever." 

She added: "We have these neural pathways that we have worn into our brain, kind of like trails in the forest, and what these plants do is basically dump six feet of snow on those pathways and allow you to form new neural connections, to change your brain, change your habits.  "Through the experience, I was blindfolded, and on a comfortable couch with a soft blanket, this music was playing and all the things I was seeing were in my mind's eye. The music was painting this whole story, pulling from childhood memories, experiences, thoughts."

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