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Sound of BTS: K-Pop super band decode their success
Sound of BTS: K-Pop super band decode their success

New Delhi, June 2 (TIWN) Few names in the world of music today evoke global hysteria as the K-Pop super band BTS. With a following of 30.1 million on Twitter and 42.6 million on Instagram, the group, who made their debut in 2013, have smashed their own record with their latest track "Butter", which garnered 10 million views on YouTube in just 13 minutes upon release.

Opening up with IANS in a candid tete-a-tete, the South Korean band decode their skyrocketing worldwide success. "I'm guessing our sincerity reached our audience. We've tried our best to deliver sincere music and performances," says V, whose real name is Kim Tae-hyung. Known for his deep voice, Tae, 25, who kind of carry the symbol of 'tiger', is the fashion icon for the group -- as the ARMY says if you need something to become trend just put it on V. He literally pulls off anything.  J-Hope (Jung Hoseok) pitches in: "And we have always shown our fans all our behind-the-scenes through various contents. I think opening ourselves up without hesitation helped us convey our sincerity." In fact their opening up to the fans even before their debut and literally living every moment of their growth as singers, performers and growing up from boys to men in front of the camera has endeared them more.

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