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Shilpa Rao on lesson she learnt from pandemic
Shilpa Rao on lesson she learnt from pandemic

Mumbai, March 20 (TIWN) Shilpa Rao says the pandemic has taught her what it truly means when we say, "man proposes, God disposes".

Even though she is not stepping out for concerts, Shilpa has been busy with virtual gigs.  “Yes, we’ve been doing them. Even in March when lockdown happened, it was a very anxious time for everyone. Though we are artistes and do live sessions on Instagram and Facebook, that doesn’t mean we are not anxious. In society, when some sort of a crisis happens, artistes take up the onus to entertain people and give them hope. At the end of the day, we are human beings and have our own anxious moments. During such a time, music of other artistes will inspire you. That’s what I have been doing through the lockdown. Also, I made it a point to stay connected with my fans through social media,” she said.

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