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Charvi Saraf wants 'social media' distancing
Charvi Saraf wants 'social media' distancing

Mumbai, May 28 (TIWN) "Kasautii Zindagi Kay" actress Charvi Saraf has a lockdown suggestion. Taking cue from the by-now famous phrase ‘social distancing, Charvi says people should also maintain certain level of ‘social media distancing!

"No doubts that the usage of internet has increased drastically during this lockdown and people are either watching movies or web shows which might have a certain meaningful content and in a way is better than indulging in a lot of social media. Because on social media only the good or pretentious life is shown and other people seeing such posts become depressed, anxious or jealous of that and this even makes a person unsocial in real life," she said.

"I can say so as, I have limited my posts on Instagram to 3-4 in a week or sometimes not even one, and I am hardly present on any other social media app. It might not be a great idea as social media is like an ocean, one can keep scrolling and can pass hours and hours but the posts won''t stop appearing, there is no limit to it and one ends up killing a lot of hours in that way, which could have been used productively in developing any particular skill, spending quality time with family members. Moreover it is much damaging to the eyes if you are too much into your phones," she added.

On how this thought came across, she said: "I was speaking to a cousin of mine who is 16 years old. All she could tell me was about social media and when I quizzed how much time she spends on social media everyday, the hours easily shot up to 10. The thought of spending around 10 hours only on social media a day was troubling."

"I am sure there will be millions of teens like her who would spend that many hours on social media. Hence, the remedy would be to use it in controlled manner, maybe an hour or two a day which is more than enough and rest of the time can be used for other productive work. This is my version of ''social media'' distancing," she added.

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