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Newbie Kanikka Kapur ready for no make-up look on screen
Newbie Kanikka Kapur ready for no make-up look on screen

New Delhi, Feb 29 (TIWN) Actress Kanikka Kapur has made her small screen debut in "Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2". She says make-up or no make-up, it's a role with a purpose that matters to her.

The former beauty queen, who hails from Delhi, first got a taste of acting in the 2015 Telugu film "Tippu".

"I always wanted to act. My goal is to make a difference in some way, to touch someone''s life and do something substantial," the "Sifar" actress told IANS.

"The roles that I want to take up have to have a meaning otherwise there is no point of doing anything in life with no meaning," she added.

Many have pointed out that actresses on Hindi TV shows often wear loud make-up and are decked up in heavy traditional outfits. Kanikka, who is currently seen as a student in "Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2", is yet to experience that on the small screen. She shared that if she is offered to play an Indian wear-clad character, complete with heavy jewellery and all, she is "completely fine" with it.

"I am fond of jhumkas... the Indian look but I don''t care about the look. I don''t care if I have too much make-up or no make-up. All I care about is how strong the character is," said Kanikka.

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