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Eva Mendes is not offended by troll calling her old
Eva Mendes is not offended by troll calling her old

Los Angeles, Feb 25 (IANS) Actress Eva Mendes says she is not offended by a troll who called her old.

The actress said: "And I have, you know, instead of saying I am 46, I wish we could change it and I wish I could say, 'I have 46 years to me' because in Spanish it's very beautiful. It says you say, 'Tengo cuarenta seis anos' I have 46 years and in English I know, it's a little, you know it's semantics but it's important. It's like I don't feel 46 but I do feel like I have 46 years of experience to me. I just find that so empowering." 

Although she believes the troll bears no malice, Mendes felt such ignorant comments carried dangerous meaning.  "I do not think it was a malicious comment, but I think it's more dangerous because it wasn't malicious because it's just ingrained in society that getting older is something we should either fear or be ashamed of," she said.  "And I think the whole thing about not asking a woman what her age is archaic. It's like you can ask me my age and I will happily tell you, I'll be shocked, somewhat shocked. I'm about to turn 46 and that's somewhat shocking to me. But I'm proud of that," she added.

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