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Elizabeth Banks to direct 'Invisible Woman'
Elizabeth Banks to direct 'Invisible Woman'

Los Angeles, Nov 27 (TIWN) Actress Elizabeth Banks will be starring in and directing a horror movie titled "Invisible Woman".

Banks and Max Handelman will produce through their Brownstone Productions, which did the Pitch Perfect series and most recently Charlie’s Angels. Banks directed and co-starred in that recent release. Brownstone’s Alison Small will be executive producer.  It becomes the second disappearing act for Universal, based on the studio’s classic monster character. Blumhouse and Leigh Whannell have completed production on an Invisible Man, with Elisabeth Moss playing the widow of an abusive husband and fears he might still be around, only you can’t see him. I’m told Banks will be the one who turns invisible in the other film. These films are the result of a revamped strategy as the studio evolved its original plan to do each iconic franchise after the failure of The Mummy. Now, when they hear a good idea, they respond and they liked the one that Banks pitched. Another they like is Dark Army, a project Paul Feig pitched and will direct.

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