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Vivek Oberoi: I never delve on my struggle but move forward
Vivek Oberoi: I never delve on my struggle but move forward

Mumbai, Nov 26 (TIWN) Despite starting his career with successful films like "Company", "Saathiya", and "Yuva", Bollywood actor Vivek Anand Oberoi entered a phase where he faced a tough time. He has lately somewhat recovered space thanks to his role in the web series "Inside Edge". Much like his character Vikrant Dhawan, the actor says he does not look back at his dark days but only believes in moving on.

"For me it was interesting to see the transformation of my character Vikrant, who is staring like a wounded lion, to see him come back to claim his territory. He has been destroyed, and his power has been taken back by his mentor. Now he is coming back for survival. That is a tough journey. It is like the rising of the phoenix from the ashes," said Vivek.

In the new season, according to the actor, Vikrant has many shades of emotion, including vulnerability, self-doubt and the urge to overcome everything to win the situation.

The insight into the journey of Vikrant is quite similar to the journey of Vivek''s own career.

Vivek laughed: "Trust me, my career journey is less dramatic. Honestly, every creative person goes through a rough patch in their career, whether it is at the start or in the middle, and we all have a second innings, a second chance. I think people see that journey in a much more dramatic manner than the one who is going through it. I do not delve on my past, on my struggling days. I only focused on things that I am supposed to do at that present moment."

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